About Us

We are passionate about WordPress, the Cloud, automation, and hosting!

We Love Coding! One of Life’s Great Pleasures!
The WP Cloud Server WordPress Plugin started as an in-house tool!

We are a team of passionate software developers, based in the heart of the UK, who have a love of Servers, Linux, the Cloud, APIs, automation, hosting, and providing a service to our clients that is unrivalled! So back in 2017 we decided to create an in-house plugin that would allow for automated deployment of servers and websites, as well as providing an interface for our clients. as well as support for selling hosting plans through our chosen E-Commerce solution!

Eventually, after getting the first versions running smoothly we realised that we had a powerful plugin with massive potential! We also realised that other teams and developers like us would love the plugin! As a result we released the ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin! It’s been a fascinating journey with it’s up’s and down’s along the way! But we are committed to creating a powerful plugin for the WordPress Community! Thank you for your support!