Why we created the plugin!

‘WP Cloud Server’ is a powerful WordPress plugin that is available free of charge from the WordPress plugin directory. It is crammed packed with features which allow DigitalOcean Cloud Servers to be created and managed, websites to deployed using ServerPilot, and integrates with Easy Digital Downloads to sell hosting plans.

But the best part of the ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin is how you can expand it’s functionality using add-on modules. You can create your own hosting environment. Modules provide access to additional cloud providers, services such as website monitoring. New modules are being added all of the time!

The ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin is actively developed by a company called ‘DesignedforPixels’ who love hosting websites, providing support for WordPress, developing automation tools for deploying cloud servers,  as well as anything related to Linux, software development and off course WordPress.

The plugin was originally an in-house project to provide a more automated approach to creating and developing our own servers. Overtime it grew and grew as we realised how powerful it was and eventually we decided that it would be a powerful tool for other developers and agencies looking to host websites on their own servers!

The rest as they say is history. Updates are released regularly and we have plans for 30 modules at the moment. This number keeps growing as we find more uses for the plugin!

We would love you to join us! You will find a team that are dedicated to their project and are always happy to provide help and support. In fact we often add features and improvements that have come about through providing direct support to a client!

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