DigitalOcean and ServerPilot

Easily Connect a DigitalOcean Droplet to ServerPilot

If you are a fan of connecting DigitalOcean Droplets to ServerPilot to host your WordPress or PHP Applications, then you will know that it requires you to bounce between control panels! First you need to login to DigitalOcean to deploy the Droplet, and then you need to login to ServerPilot to connect the Droplet. Finally, sit back, have a coffee and wait for everything to complete!

It’s not a huge length of time! But perform this task multiple times and it can eat into your day! The WP Cloud Server plugin has been designed to automate this entire process! DigitalOcean and ServerPilot integration is built-in to the FREE plugin! All you need to do is enter the API credentials for each of your accounts, either through the set-up wizard, or manually through the modules settings page, and you’re ready to go!

In order to connect a Droplet to ServerPilot you need to click on the ‘Managed Servers’ menu option from inside the WordPress Admin Menu. This opens the ‘Managed Servers’ control panel which defaults to ServerPilot. At the top of the main page is a row of tabs. Click on ‘+ Add  Server’ and you will see the screen shown below.

Add Server to ServerPilot

DigitalOcean Droplet Settings

The page displayed is split in to two sections. We will start at the top with the DigitalOcean Droplet settings. First enter a name for your new Droplet which will also be the hostname. Next you will see an option to select the cloud provider, with the FREE plugin and no additional modules the only option will be ‘DigitalOcean’.

Now all you need to do is select the Droplet specification, the version of Ubuntu you wish to use, the region, the server size e.g processor, memory, disk size, and finally click the checkbox if you want to enable server backups.

ServerPilot Settings

Now we need to perform the task of selecting the ServerPilot settings. In order to see the settings you will scroll up slightly. Now you should be able to select the ServerPilot Plan, chose from ‘Economy’, ‘Business’, or ‘First Class’.

The next option allows you to select an SSH Key that you have previously saved, allowing you to login to the server. This is optional and can be left as ‘No SSH Key’.

Finally, is the checkbox to use the server for ‘Shared Hosting’.  This is a feature only available with the ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin. When checked it makes the Droplet available when creating web hosting plans that deploy websites using ‘ServerPilot’. It allows you to use the new server for hosting multiple websites. If this is just for in-house use, to deploy Apps yourself then leave it unchecked!

All you need to do now is click on ‘Create Server’. You will see a message confirming that the server is being created. That’s it! Wait ten to fifteen minutes and your server should be ready!

If you’re curious then login to DigitalOcean and ServerPilot. You will see the new Droplet created in the DigitalOcean control panel. Now look in ServerPilot and you will see the server listed, but it will say installing. Clicking on the server will show what looks like an error message!

Be patient here because the install script is running and after a few minutes it will suddenly start showing the installation taking place. After a few minutes it will say ‘Done’. Once you’ve done this a few times you will accept that everything works, and won’t need to login to your accounts.

At this point you may want to add a new App. All you need is to visit the ‘+ New App’ tab! The process is just as easy as creating the server!

If you want to see this Droplet and any others then clicking on the ‘Cloud Servers’ menu will take you to the DigitalOcean Control Panel where you can view Droplets, reboot, power cycle, and even delete the server if you wish.

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