The WP Cloud Server Plugin includes some amazing features


Easy to use Control Panel

The ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin is accessed through your WordPress Dashboard, and includes a well designed user interface allowing easy access to all of your cloud servers and web services.

WP Cloud Server Control Panel


Save Public SSH Keys

Save your public SSH Keys, give them a label, and then use them when creating cloud servers or saving templates. If you add a new cloud provider module then your SSH Keys will be available when creating any server.


Save Startup Scripts

Just like the SSH Keys you can also paste in and save your own startup scripts. These can be bash scripts or cloud-init scripts. Each startup script is selectable when creating a cloud server with a provider that allows startup scripts to be used.

WP Cloud Server DigitalOcean Module


DigitalOcean Module

The FREE version of the ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin includes two built-in modules. The first one that we will look at is the ‘DigitalOcean’ module, which allows you to manually create and manage your Droplets.

You can also reboot, power off and power cycle any of your Droplets, and if necessary you can also delete them!


ServerPilot Module

The second built-in module is the ‘ServerPilot’ module. This is where the real power of the ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin starts to shine through! If you use both services then you can automatically deploy a new DigitalOcean Droplet and have it connect to ServerPilot. All of the server software and WordPress will be installed without any manual intervention!

WooCommerce Support


WooCommerce Support Built-in

The FREE version of the ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin includes support for WooCommerce, which allows you sell server and website hosting plans to clients and customers.

Custom fields at checkout allow you to obtain the information needed to automatically deploy cloud servers or managed websites, such as domain name, host name, admin user details, etc.


Create Powerful Templates

When you create a hosting plan product inside ‘WooCommerce’ or ‘Easy Digital Downloads’ you define the server or website configuration using templates.

Creating a DigitalOcean template allows you to create the specification for a new server plan. You can select the os image, size of server, region, SSH Key, startup scripts, hostname, etc.

A ServerPilot template allows you to define the server specification as well as the ServerPilot setup. You can even set-up Shared or Dedicated Hosting!

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