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Welcome to the documentation for the ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin. This section of the website is constantly being updated as new features and functionality are added to the plugin.

This section is being actively worked on with new pages being added all the time. If however you find that we haven’t managed to keep up with some new feature then please don’t hesitate to contact us! We are always happy to help!

The menu structure has been designed to lead you through installing the plugin, getting everything set-up, and then has sections that cover each area of functionality. Screenshots will be used to enhance the information and links to other sites and more in-depth tutorials will be used where appropriate.

The ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin has such a vast range of functions that there is almost an endless list of specific use cases. So once you have everything set-up and a feel for the menu structures it is then a case of picking the section that is appropriate.

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