DigitalOcean Module

DigitalOcean Module - Overview

When using the ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin standalone the DigitalOcean Module is provides the creation and management of all cloud servers. It allows instant creation of new Droplets, the saving of templates for use with hosting plans, and for creating new Droplets to be used with the ServerPilot Module.

The DigitalOcean Module works by connecting to the DigitalOcean platform using their powerful API. For this to work you will need to have an account with DigitalOcean. Creating Cloud Servers will incur a monthly fee while the Droplet is active, charges stop immediately that a Droplet is deleted. When you first install the plugin and click on the ‘DigitalOcean’ tab you will see the onboarding screen shown below;


The onboarding panel shown above takes a new user through the process of connecting to DigitalOcean. It has a link to the DO website for creating an account, entering the API details in the plugin settings tab, and a link for creating a new hosting plan in Easy Digital Downloads. Once connected to DigitalOcean the Onboarding panel will disappear. Note that you can cancel the Onboarding Panel earlier by clicking the dismiss X in the upper right-hand side of the panel.

Once connected to the DigitalOcean API you will be able to see your Droplets in the ‘Server’ tab, as well as creating a new Droplet using the ‘Add Server’ tab.