Module Bundle – Launch Offer

For a limited time only you can get access to all add-on modules for the ‘WP Cloud Server’ Plugin, including future releases, for the Launch Offer pricing shown below. This price will be locked for the life of your account!.

Monthly Plan

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Access to ALL modules
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Access to module 'Beta' testing
Automatic module updates
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Lifetime Plan

Single Payment

Access to ALL modules
Developers 'Inner Circle'
Access to module 'Beta' testing
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The monthly and annual payments automatically repeat unless cancelled. All prices exclude VAT at the appropriate rate (which will be added at the checkout).

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Modules?

Modules allow you to extend the power of the ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin. You can add additional cloud providers and even website services, such as monitoring. Modules are WordPress plugins that require the main ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin to work. All additional services are accessible through the main control panel.

How many modules will be released?

At the moment we have four available which include Vultr, Linode, AWS Lightsail, and StatusCake. We have modules for UpCloud, Brightbox, RunCloud, Ploi, and Cloudways entering ‘Beta’ testing shortly. But we have plans for over 30 Modules with more being added to the list on a daily basis as we discuss possible integrations with clients!

Why a Launch Offer so Early?

The Launch Offer allows us to build a base of users who appreciate what we are trying to achieve, who are interested in the potential of combining all of the services offered by the modules in to a single control panel, and who want to help shape the direction of the plugin! At the same time they save money for the life of their account, and we get more funds to develop more modules and add new features! A win-win situation!

What Currencies do you accept?

At the moment we are only accepting payments in US Dollars. We are intending to add new currencies in the future, but can’t guarantee when! We are concentrating on getting everything working smoothly before adding more complexity!

Do you charge VAT?

Yes. We are a UK VAT registered company which means that we will add VAT during the checkout process as appropriate. We use state-of-the-art VAT software to ensure that we handle EU VAT correctly. If you are a UK or European registered company then you can enter and validate your VAT number from inside your user account.

Do you offer a money back offer?

Yes. We believe that our plugin, modules and services are very powerful and are worth the investment, and we strive constantly to keep our clients happy! But we also understand that sometimes a feature might not work as expected or a mistake is made. So we are happy to offer our customers a 30 Day ‘No Quibble’ Money Back Offer!