StatusCake Add-on Module

I am very pleased to officially launch the latest add-on module that works alongside the WP Cloud Server Plugin. The StatusCake Module adds Website Uptime Monitoring using your own account with StatusCake.

The StatusCake Module is fully integrated into the WP Cloud Server Plugin. A new WordPress menu item called ‘Website Services’ is added to the Dashboard which gives access to two StatusCake functions. ‘View Website Monitors’, and ‘Add New Uptime Monitor’.

The first option is the default page for this new menu option. It gives you an instant insight into the status of all of your websites. Colour coded indications show you instantly if your uptime is not 100%!

If the site goes down you will then be notified possibly before your client even knows that something is wrong (A future Slack Module will allow selection of a number of notifications to be sent!).

The second option gives you the ability to add a new website for monitoring manually. ¬†This is ideal if you get a new client and they’re not hosting their website with you.

The real power of this module is seen when you are selling WordPress Hosting Plans. Once the Module is activated you will see an additional checkbox when you create a template, asking if you want to add new sites to StatusCake automatically, see image below.

This is particularly useful if you set-up a server connected to ServerPilot and you are using it for ‘Shared Hosting’. Check the checkbox and all new sites will be monitored. You can even use this feature as a selling point for attracting new clients.

As I said above this module behaves just like any other services in the WP Cloud Server Plugin. The Module Overview page lists the add-on so you can set the API settings and the menu gives you access to the debug screen and the event log so you can see exactly what is happening.

At the moment the StatusCake Module is limited to these two features, which I believe are very powerful in their own right. But over the coming weeks we will be adding more features and releasing regular updates.

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