General Settings

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General Settings

The ‘General Settings’ menu option takes you to the settings page which is split into two categories.

The first is the general settings which include;

  • Menu Settings
  • Log Event Settings
  • Debug Settings
  • Uninstall Settings

This are pretty much self explanatory.

Server Settings

Note: This section may change location in future updates. We would like them to be nearer to the server management pages, but with them being common to all we haven’t decided how to structure these settings!

SSH Keys

Using SSH Keys when deploying cloud servers makes your life so much more straightforward and maintains security without needing to remember dodgey passwords.

This settings section allows you to save your Public SSH Key. You can give each key a unique name which is used to select it when setting up templates or when deploying servers manually!

Startup Scripts

This is another powerful setting. Here you can save a Cloud Init or bash script for use when booting your new server for the first time!

As with the SSH Keys you can give the scripts a unique and easy to recognise name, which is displayed when creating new templates or manually deploying a server!