Vultr Module

Vultr Add-on Module

I am very pleased to release our second add-on module for the ‘WP Cloud Server’ Plugin. This new module adds an additional Cloud Provider, Vultr, meaning that you can now deploy and manage servers with both DigitalOcean and Vultr from inside a single control panel.

Like all add-ons the module is fully integrated with the ‘WP Cloud Server’ Plugin, meaning that you don’t need to learn new ways of performing tasks.

When activated the Vultr add-on module will show up in the ‘Module Overview’ page. This gives you access to the ‘Settings’ page to enter your API settings, as well as the ‘Event Log’ and the ‘Debug’ page.

As you move around the control panel you will see many ‘Cloud Provider’ dropdown selection lists where ‘Vultr’ will now appear as an option. This includes in the ‘Manage Websites’, ‘Cloud Server’, and ‘Server Templates’ sections.

I am very happy with the way the new control panel works since the 2.0.0 release of the ‘WP Cloud Server’ Plugin. It has enabled us to increase the number of add-ons that we can produce without making massive alterations to the user interface.

If we do add a major new feature then it can be added in to existing section. Over the coming weeks and months we will adding more Vultr features to the add-on.

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