We’re Very Happy to be Back!

2022 was a very strange year for us and one that very nearly ended the WP Cloud Server Plugin! We started strong with an announcement on Twitter of a new release coming shortly, and then everything started to go wrong!

The first problem was that we hit issues with the plugin. It was getting harder to maintain. This was a legacy issue with how the plugin started – an in-house project! But the growth of it, the desire for us to keep adding features suddenly caught up with us!

To be honest, this, combined with the a lack of funding and poor marketing, meant that we lost momentum, became disillusioned, and started to consider if it was really worth the effort and time!

Then around June last year, having decided that actually it was worth our time and effort! We were hit by a massive whammy! We were restructuring our email and the small amount of time where the switch took place coincided with some kind of email check by WordPress! They assumed we had gone! They didn’t retry! They just closed the plugin! The only way to get it back was too resubmit it for approval! This was a shock! We had only just started development again and didn’t want to go the process of getting the old clunky version approved! So again we stopped!

But we knew we wanted the plugin for our own projects going forward. We had also just received our first ever glowing review on WordPress, and we already knew that the small group of users loved the plugin. So we decided to keep going! We decided to complete the new version, and then get the new version approved in WordPress!

So. As 2023 kicks in we are extremely close to having the new version of the plugin ready to go! Sometime in February we will be submitting it for approval again! We’re excited and to mark the occasion we have released a new website. We have deleted the old content which is no longer relevant and will be adding better documentation. Development will be much more structured and we will stick to our roadmap and not suddenly diverge as a result of a users ideas. We’re always grateful for feedback and ideas but they will be assessed and introduced to the roadmap!

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1 thought on “We’re Very Happy to be Back!”

  1. Honestly was a crazy year but was really excited to see that with the new year 2023 you guys are coming back full force its pretty much the plugin of dreams!

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