WP Cloud Server: 2.1.0

Today is another important day in the evolution of the ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin. We have just released version 2.1.0 into the WordPress Plugin Directory. We are excited to tell you all that the biggest new feature is the inclusion of full Server Management.

You can now open a management page for each Cloud Server where you can view its features and status. But now you have full control over the server!

You can ‘reboot’, ‘power-on’ or, ‘power-off’, perform a ‘power-cycle’ or, even ‘Delete’ a server from inside your WordPress Admin Dashboard.

This release followed very quickly on the heels of the previous version of the plugin because we became aware of a bug!

We hate missing bugs! We create 100’s of test servers with each plugin – but a last-minute tweak created a bug that we missed! The bug meant that if you deactivated the ServerPilot Module, to use ServerPilot on its own, and tried to create a new server all of the fields were greyed out!

Automated Password Generation

As well as the server management update, we have also been tidying up the process of creating a server.

In a previous release, we implemented the use of SSH Keys for both the DigitalOcean and ServerPilot Modules.

But in the case of DigitalOcean, if an SSH Key wasn’t being used. You would have to rely upon the root password emailed out by DigitalOcean!

We have added a feature where-by if an SSH Key is not selected then a new password will be auto-generated for use with the new server.

If the new server is being manually created then the password will be emailed to the WordPress Admin. If it is created during the purchase of a server plan then it is emailed to the customer.

Let us know what you think? We have a lot of work to do on this feature and would like to discuss it with you guys!

Easy Digital Downloads Checkout

If you are selling DigitalOcean Droplets standalone then you will probably have noticed that the checkout fields didn’t make total sense!

In this release, we have updated the fields to allow a host-name to be entered during checkout.

We’re trying to keep the process of ordering a server as easy as possible. Again please contact us if you have any thoughts or ideas on this!


We know over the last few weeks that shortcodes have been mentioned when discussing features that people want to see in the plugin.

We have ideas for many shortcodes but decided to prioritize the server management feature first so that the fundamental core functionality exists. This is now complete!

But we decided that as an introduction we would include two new shortcodes to get things rolling;

  • Website Information Shortcode
  • Server Information Shortcode

Both of these work for a logged-in user. If they have purchased Websites or Servers then these shortcodes will display tables containing details of their purchases.

Version 2.0.0 and 2.1.0 have taken the ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin to a new level. We’re very excited by the changes and feel that these updates mark the point where the plugin stops being just a nice-to-have tool and becomes a powerful platform.

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