WP Cloud Server: 3.0.1

We spotted a couple of issues with the new RunCloud Module built-in to the WP Cloud Server plugin. So we decided to turnaround a quick update. This release addresses some possible PHP errors displayed when viewing some of the RunCloud pages. We also realised that there was also some potential problems when deploying RunCloud Servers and Web Applications!

We are pleased to say that the RunCloud Module is looking much better! We know we have work to do and some thinking through of how we deploy applications, etc.

We can’t just release an update though with fixes! So we took the opportunity to drop in a few improvements to the RunCloud Module that are listed below;

  • Added a checkbox for selecting ‘Default Application’.
  • Added the ability to install WordPress using a PHP Script with server deploy using a template.
  • Added SSH Key when deploying servers connected to RunCloud.
  • Improved the automatic deploy of servers using the template.
  • Use hostname and domain when creating new servers and web applications.

We’re still working on the best way to deploy applications. RunCloud is not as easy as ServerPilot via the API, so we need to do give the architecture a bit more thought.

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