WP Cloud Server: 3.0.3

We are very pleased to announce the release of version 3.0.3 of the ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin. As usual we have tried to add new features as well as trying to make things work smoother and faster!

Amazon Lightsail now included

The biggest addition in this release is the inclusion of the ‘Amazon Lightsail’ module. This module works the same as any module in the control panel. If you go to the ‘Modules Overview’ page and click the ‘Installed Modules’ menu option you will now see an entry for ‘AWS Lightsail’. As usual the ‘settings’ option will take you to the API settings page. Here you can paste the API credentials created when logged in to your AWS account.

The ‘Cloud Server’ admin menu now includes ‘AWS Lightsail’. Clicking this link will take you to a dedicated page where you can manually create servers. If you have WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads installed then you can create server templates and view which servers are owned by clients.

Like all of the modules we will be adding new functionality over the coming weeks with regular updates.

RunCloud System Users

The RunCloud module was a highlight of the last update and has been a very popular addition to the available modules. We know that the RunCloud module is work in progress to some extent. It’s a powerful service but automating application installs is not straightforward and we are still working on a solution which allows Git deploys from inside templates, etc.

We know from many of you that the inability to manage ‘System Users’ was a problem. So in this release we have added the ability to enter a new system user when deploying a new server manually, and the ability to select from a list of system users in templates. It’s a little bit rough around the edges so we will be improving on the functionality over the next few releases.

Modules Deactivated by Default

All previous versions of the plugin had defaulted to setting all modules to activated, but you still had to enter valid API credentials to get them working. If you only selected a couple of modules using the setup wizard then you would still see all of the other modules activated. This was annoying because you then had to started deactivating those you didn’t need.

So in this release all modules default to ‘deactivated’. This means that if you use the setup wizard and enter credentials for just two modules, say ‘DigitalOcean’ and ‘RunCloud’, then only these two modules will be activated.

If you chose to bypass the setup wizard then all modules will be deactivated. You can then activate and then navigate to the settings page for the modules you need. Easier to use and a lot less hassle.

Improvements & Fixes

In addition to the new features I think that this release is more noteworthy for the tidying up, the slight speed increases, fixing missing shortcodes and the blank pages that would appear from time to time.

We have tested and tested the plugin for hours and deployed literally hundreds of servers, some standalone, some connected to RunCloud or ServerPilot, others created in Cloudways. We have installed numerous installs of WordPress! The result is that we have tracked and fixed many issues and spotted things that we weren’t happy with and fixed them too!

We know that many features are still missing! But we wanted to try and get a very sound base on which to grow! We still know that issues exist with the control panel such as being slow in places, but we decided that the improvements that we have made were worth getting out to you all.

User Feedback & Use Cases

Over the last few months it is feedback from you guy’s, the real users, who have focussed our attention. You can’t beat real life scenarios and problems to highlight shortfalls or problems. We would like to thank everyone who has contacted us and asked that more of you get in touch, tell us what you think, what you like, or hate!

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