WP Cloud Server: 3.0.4

We’re pleased to announce another new release of the WP Cloud Server plugin. This release focuses primarily on the Cloudways functionality with a major bug fix and a new feature!

Cloudways Module Disabled

We noticed that activating just the Cloudways module on it’s own resulted in the ‘create server’, ‘create template’ and ‘create app’ functions being disabled. The problem was caused because the API checks were also looking for a cloud provider to be active, and off course their wasn’t one!

I am pleased to say that this is now fixed and has been thoroughly tested! While we were doing this fix we also tidied up a few minor bugs to improve reliability!

Shortcode Problems

We continue to have shortcode problems! Using the ‘website’ shortcode was still seeing possible missing data, and the ‘server’ shortcode was only displaying the most recent server added. So we’ve added another fix to this release. I still think we can improve the way some of the data is displayed and even add more options that can be displayed. Let us know if you have any particular needs and we will see what we can do!

Cloudways Login and Website Details Email

We’ve added a new feature to the Cloudways module. When creating a new template we’ve added a new checkbox labelled ‘Send Email’. If the template being used has this selected, then when a customer purchases a website, and the server and website have been successfully deployed, then an email is sent to the email provided at the checkout. The email contains the link to the website, and the username and password, so they can login to their WordPress dashboard.

At the moment this is very basic and cannot be altered or configured. It is also only available in the Cloudways templates. Over the next few releases we will add it to the other modules and make it more flexible, with the ability to edit the email, etc.


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