WP Cloud Server: 3.0.5

We are very pleased to release WP Cloud Server version 3.0.5, which corresponds with the release of WordPress 5.7, which includes updates to the Gutenberg editor that take us more and more towards full site editing. It’s exciting to see where WordPress is heading as we move through 2021.

So. What about WP Cloud Server? Well this is a minor release with a fix to the RunCloud module to provide the ‘Web Application’ menu option again! We also fixed a couple of annoying RunCloud PHP errors which would have showed up if the menu option had been available!

We also fixed the ServerPilot App page so that the manage apps option uses the same modal as the rest of the site.

The other nice update is to the module overview page. We always cringed when using the module overview page because it did a double page load if a module was activated or deactivated. This was intended to ensure that the content reflected the change just made. It wasn’t great! Don’t know if you guys agree or not?

Anyway. We’ve improved it massively. Click activate or deactivate and it reloads the page and smoothly removes menu items and content to match the change! But the best update is a little grey link at the bottom of the module overview table that says ‘Hide Inactive Modules’.

It’s a small change but a nice change! Because if you use just a couple of modules, such as ‘RunCloud’ and ‘AWS Lightsail’, then all of the other built-in modules are likely to remain inactive! Previously you would see a sea of red inactive modules with just two green scattered through the list. It was messy! So now click the link and the module overview page will just show the active modules.

Once clicked you will notice the link changes to read ‘Show Inactive Modules’, this is in case you want to change the modules you use. Just click the link to show every module again!

You might be wondering what the plans are going forward? I think with this release we have a very stable base on which to build. I know we haven’t added any new cloud features recently! We felt it was important to create a more stable framework that would allow us to add new features and add-on modules with ease, without keep having to change the architecture!

In the next release, assuming we don’t hit any problems, we want to add the Ploi server management service alongside ServerPilot and RunCloud! We also want to start adding new features to all modules, such as backups, snapshots, DNS, block storage, etc.

Time for a bit of honesty though! So far all modules and features are FREE. Obviously everything we’ve done so far is inside the plugin and available for download from WordPress. In order to grow and to provide better features we need to start funding the plugin. Going forward we will have ‘Pro’ versions of each built-in module available, as well as Web Services like monitoring, email, domain names, as add-ons. These will be paid options!

At the moment we are discussing how to split up the functionality. What is a must have for the FREE plugin, to keep users happy, and what is functionality that enhances and improves your services, and therefore worth paying for!

We will up date you shortly when we know the path forwards. In the meantime tell us what you think? What you love or hate, need or would like! We would love to hear from you!

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