WP Cloud Server Update: 2.1.2

We don’t want to make a habit of releasing two updates so close together! But we spotted a couple errors that slipped through last minute testing so decided it was worth getting a quick update out to all users!

We always try to make an update worth while so we dropped in a couple more behind the scenes fixes to the module activation logic and the API notifications!

If you have spotted a couple of PHP errors on the managed server template page then these should be a thing of the past!

We have also got rid of some old API notifications that pop-up after the plugin has been installed and activated for the first time!

Hopefully you will forgive us for the series updates that have related to the module activation logic and the API functionality. This area has been a complex area to get right. We want to try and make everything behave in logical way but with different modules being active or inactive, API’s connected or not, it has sometimes caused a bit of head scratching!

We think version 2.1.2 will feel much intuitive. Let us know if you think we are still missing the mark?

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